Answers to some commonly asked questions

Van Fleet's FAQs

1Can I rent your facility?
No. Our facility is only available for catered events.
2Do you have more than one event at a time?
Yes. We have three separate pavilions, each with it's own buffet, steam table and beverage dispenser. Weddings are usually the only event for the day when more than 100 guests are present.
3Can the grove be rented without using the on-site catering?
No. All food must come from our kitchen and staff.
4Are events ever cancelled due to inclement weather?
No. Our pavilions are covered so the fun can continue despite bad weather!
5Are pets allowed at the grove?
No. Van Fleet's Grove loves pets but for the safety of both guests and pets we do not allow them on the premises.
6What is included with the rental fee?
The rental fee includes full use of the facility, tables, chairs and sports equipment.
7Are there indoor restrooms?
Yes. We have modern restrooms in the pavilions.
8Do you need to decorate the pavilion when you book the event?
Depending on the event, we will allow additional decorations to be placed.
9Is the grove handicapped accessible?
Yes. Each pavilion is fully handicapped accessible. Restrooms are also handicapped accessible.
10Is sports equipment provided?
Yes. All sports equipment, with the exception of baseball gloves, is provided.
11Is there adequate staffing for all events?
Yes. There are always helpful and friendly staff available to make your party enjoyable. We are always here to make sure your event runs smoothly!